Hi Ted was my uncle my name is Russell Mulry. Wayno September 2, , My brother has a copy but I have had no luck talking him into parting with it and so far have not been able to find another copy of it anywhere, bummer!!!! Tammie Mccomiskie September 14, , 9: Saw TMG on their reunion tour at the Ettalong Beach entertainment centre in the 90,s and they were still as good as ever. Not that I am aware of. TMG start to sing the song and then it just fades out.

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David Rixon July 5, I am also including a link to my previous tribute to Ted on the 9th anniversary of his passing.

Ted Mulry Gang – Locked In (Vinyl LP) | Rare Vinyl Records

I hope that information helps answer a few of your questions. The Album was only on White Vinyl and only available in Germany.

While it is difficult to describe these without a photo, the Shirts are: There is a memorial for Ted. The above 5 CDs have been released twice and and unfortunately failed to sell and have been subsequently deleted from the record company catalogues.


SOUNDS: TMG — Save Me / You Can’t Take It All (1980)

It has some excellent footage, especially when Ted is interviewed in his appartment? I hope that helps. The rest is private. I first saw TMG at my school Manly Girls High sherbet played as well ,but i only liked Ted and the gang i must admit Gary was my fav in his satin pants and vest no shirt he was hot.

1908 Listening to the crowd calling for TMG to come on stage are great memories. You have to pay for whatever song you would like to download. Everyone was sharing their memories of TMG etc.

Ted Mulry Gang – Locked In (Vinyl LP) 1980

Saw TMG on their reunion tour at the Ettalong Beach entertainment centre in the 90,s and they were still as good as ever. I hope that one day I can get it signed by Les. F June 3,1: Guitarist Gary Dixon joined around gang-lockedd time to complete the foursome.

Kelly G May 12,9: Anything daggy was cool right?

Sammy October 26, If you are Ron the Roadie as I believe you are then perhaps you can answer that question? TMG should have been in the Hall of Fame years ago. gang-lodked


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AccaDC1 September 7,9: As far as I know there was a release in Australia and another in the US? Please tef visit ted mulry on find a grave if you want. Anne Williams November 9,8: Any size outside theose mentioned can be ordered. They were so flared it was cool!

When all else fails, just go to Youtube and watch the videos… it is so much fun!

I will gng-locked for a reply. Can anyone tell me where the Jamaica Rum filmclip was shot? Are you able to help me please. Mark Gibson November 26,2: Les is a Maitilde local, who teaches music at Newcastle Tafe now.