Today, I was embarrassed by myself. The doctor laughed immediately, and I realized that I heard wrongly. He meant, Shaoyang constitution, not Western Constitution. I even did a search on it. This will differentiate people Leeteuk: I think you look like a shaoyang person also. Chest shoulders and chest, small face, and weak limbs. I took a hard time learning something today. You are going to find that often shaoyang people have a small, wiry body type. They are very sinewy and always active.

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Airports and on planes 8. The meaning of vacation is not where you go, is who you go with! They were so happy and played around at the airport.

Lee Donghae (이동해), better known mononymously as Donghae (lit. East Sea), is a Korean singer and occasional actor. He is a part of the thirteen member South Korean boyband Super Junior.

Shipping is done ALL the time! I think shipping is a pretty subjective thing. Spreading love is no crime, however spreading hatred is totally wrong. Let me take an example here. Why on earth, people? You want them together? However, you also need to accept that till it is confirmed nothing is true or false. Both are loved and have a huge fanbase around the world.

The same goes for EunHae shippers. You enjoy your ship together?

Seohyun dating?!?!?!

Heechul, Donghae, Eunhyuk, Yesung. Shindong, Siwon, Leeteuk, Ryeowook Advertisement: The twelve-member group debuted with the song “Twins”, and later promoted the song “Miracle” which was part of the same album. As promotions for “Miracle” ended, new members for the next generation, Super Junior 06, were being selected, but the rotational concept was tossed after adding a thirteenth member, Kyuhyun, in They’re notable for being the first large South Korean idol group, with thirteen members at its peak.

Lee Donghae (이동해), better known mononymously as Donghae (lit. East Sea), is a Korean singer and occasional actor. He is a part of the thirteen member South Korean boyband Super Junior.

If you are dating, engaged, or married to someone know communication is key. You were getting close to a male coworker that had a crush on you. However, you made sure he knew that you were taken. Why, of all males you worked with, did you have to be friend the one who openly told you he liked you. He gave you the cold shoulder for the next few days. Great timing as it was your anniversary and you two were still in a cold war with one another. He wanted to go out there and act like nothing was wrong.

It only pissed you off more. You texted your cousin to tell him what you were going to do and you made eye contact with him and he nodded… Eunhyuk: You flirted the entire time with your cousin. It was the weirdest thing ever to you. You were flirting with someone you basically grew up with and who was more of a brother than a cousin. But let me ask you, why am I upset with you? I have more of a reason especially after this stunt.

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How do you get a girlfriend? Girls HATE show offs. You may think it’s cool, but it’s not. Itmakes you look as though you’re trying too hard. Girls just want someone to talk to.

Firstly, even if we believe the dating rumors of Jessica & Donghae from YEARS ago, it was clear that they broke up. Which means in the approximate years Donghae must have had plenty of chances to go out with the girls/guys he wanted.

His real name is actually Kim Jong-woon. Yesung had to be in hospital after he collapsed after running for a charity marathon, he ran 70 km 4. He usually gets cut off from tv shows because he talks too much. When he had his debut it was only until a few weeks later that he was shown on stage. He likes to touch the other members lips at night time, he will go into their rooms and touch their lips. He is part of Super Junior K. Yesung had to be in hospital after he fell off a 1.

His favorite season is autumn. He has small fingers He would like to go to Canada. He had his first kiss when he was in 2nd Year High School.

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He plays the piano very well. He cries easily Ryeowook wants to be more mature in Ryewook watches 6 dramas at the same time. Once, an MC asked SJ who was the worst at sports. However, Heechul stopped him. According to Kangin, Ryeowook looks innocent but is really quite insolent.

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Crying together, laugh together, understand each other, have a same mind, heart, and soul.. My mood easily goes down, but it also easily risen up just by listening to your song. I love the way you make me like an idiot just by staring at your single picture. Every night I pray to God, please safe my beloved 15 stars there. I love how you make me laugh even though I have no idea of what you are saying. When I see the tears flowing down from your eyes, slight pain drew in your face, I feel that my world is breaking into pieces.

I can do nothing everytime I see you. You are too perfect. I own 15 brightest stars of the space. Your smile is my food, your laugh is my water. I have no time for other groups.

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And what about Lee DongHae in this crisis? So let’s explain our point of view about what may have felt or lived DongHae during this scandal. But in this almost “perfect relationship” how could something like this happen? We think that the “real” EunHae, which went further than a simple friendship and a bit more complicated than a flirtationship, appeared during Bonamana, we will explain it to you in an other article I guess we can say that the physical changes for both of them did change some things, they went from teenagers to young men well body-builted 8D.

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Along with four other Super Junior members, he is one of the first Korean artists to appear on Chinese postage stamps. Trained in areas of singing, dancing, and acting, Ryeowook placed particular efforts into his vocal training and music composition. Before Kyuhyun was added in , Ryeowook was the last to join Super Junior several weeks before their official debut in Y and Super Junior-M: However, plans changed and the company declared a halt in forming future Super Junior generations.

He co-wrote the lyrics with fellow Super Junior member Sungmin. Ryeowook is also credited for musical arrangement in the liner notes of the album. Ryeowook is featured in K. A and Lim Jeong Hee. He took first place in the 11 August episode where singers Lee Sang-woo and Lee Sang-eun were guests.

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According to entertainment news site allkpop. In China, lead single Growing Pains, a guitar-driven electronic rock number, leapt to No. Its music video, with its slick cinematography, swiftly emerged as the most-viewed Korean video on China’s premier online video portals YinYueTai and iQiyi. With their current success, it’s hard to imagine that when Donghae and Eunhyuk, both 28, are part of the man mega group Super Junior, they are hardly the cream of the crop.

Compared to the other members, they are not particularly outstanding in any way. The title of top vocalist would invite a three-cornered fight among Kyuhyun, Yesung and Ryeowook, while the most comical members would be Shindong, Heechul and Kangin.

Tags donghae are eunhyuk and donghae dating handsome boy modeling school dating game blog funny fail pictures. The most popular rumor was of Eunhyuk dating a Cube entertainment trainee named Choi Jina.) is a South Korean variety show, forming part of SBS’s Good Sunday lineup. Running Man was classified as an “urban action variety”; a genre of.

Eunhyuk has to go to Japan with Donghae, leaving you behind. Today was the last day you would see Eunhyuk for some time. Dating an idol was hard at times, but worth it. Every time he came home, he would come over, kiss you, and hug you as if you were the most precious thing in his life. Sometimes he would cry from missing you so much. Other times he would drop to his knees, while you stood, and would tell you how much he loved you and missed you.

There were even a couple of times when he came back begging you to never leave him, but that rarely happened. You were just putting the popcorn in the microwave when you heard keys rattling outside your apartment.

Super Junior’s Donghae And Eunhyuk Say They’re Proud Of Former Groupmate Henry

Eunhyuk has the same birth name as comedian Lee Hyukjae. This is why he chose the name Eunhyuk. Eunhyuk pre-debut As a young boy, in 2nd grade, Hyukjae first became interested in dancing.

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In your head it was just any other concert, but little did you know that Donghae had other motivations. After their performance, they would all come out and Donghae would immediately introduce the two of you. Eunhyuk would smile as he began striking up a conversation with you. The two of you hit it off right away. I can play it – wanna hear me some time? Spending most of your days outside adventuring and the nights up playing video games was more than common.

In fact, the members would probably end up having to drag the two of you away from each other to get him to practice. Everyone knew that he had fallen for you besides the two of you. You guys might as well have been the most oblivious. You saw him as nothing more than a best friend – for now at least. Despite this, he would act extremely supportive of you.

Super Junior Fans: Is Donghae and Eunhyuk dating/married?

Here I am thinking… What do you think about DaraHae? Like anything related to them makes sense or not people make a fuss about it. Since this is about my baby Hae so I need to know. Yes, Jihyun the leader of 4minute. But again, I try to think realistic and try to see from another perspective.

The model-couple began dating back in when they were working as models together. In September , Kim Woo Bin made it public that he had been dating Yoo Ji Ahn for two years already. However, now, with his past comment saying that f(x) ‘s Krystal was his ideal type, rumors have been sparked.

Career[ edit ] — He has an elder brother named Lee Dong-hwa. When he was young he wanted to become a football player but his dad wanted him to be a singer since he gave up of his dream to become one himself. In , Donghae, along with Leeteuk, was put into a twelve-member boy band named Super Junior Donghae officially debuted as part of member project group Super Junior 05 on 6 November The documentary surrounds Donghae and his peculiar ability to see and feel ghosts.

They began the project with released debut single Oppa, Oppa.

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